The Sauereisen SewerGard® No. 210 System is a combination of products needed for the proper rehabilitation and corrosion protection of concrete infrastructures in a wastewater environment.  The system product selection includes specialized corrosion-resistant linings, specialty materials for substrate repair and resurfacing, filler compounds, and  materials to prevent inflow and infiltration of ground water.  All products are formulated to be compatible and therefore there is no concern for cross contamination of between materials.  All system products include the Sauereisen factory warranty and are guaranteed to be compatible when used in combination.

Specialized Corrosion- Resistant Coatings & Linings

(100% solids epoxies & novolak epoxies)

Sauereisen’s renowned SewerGard® No. 210 is a field-proven, unique 100% solids epoxy polymer lining system.  It is specifically formulated for municipal wastewater environments and offers an economical solution to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC). SewerGard® No. 210 resists high concentrations of sulfuric acid and treatment chemicals.  It also exhibits moisture tolerance allowing it to bond directly to damp concrete.   A high corrosion-resistant Industrial Novolak epoxy SewerGard® No. 210N is also available.  Novolak Industrial No. 210N may be used in many kinds of aggressive industrial wastewater environments. It is specifically formulated to resist strong oxidizing environments, especially high concentrations of sulfuric acid. This material provides a protective barrier resistant to thermal shock in cooler environments and is resistant to higher temperatures.

SewerGard® No. 210 is available in four different variations – Trowel-applied, Spray-applied, Extra-Strength/Extra-Build & Most Flexible, and Fast Setting.  Each formulation is engineered to maximize protection of various wastewater treatment or collection system structures and application methodology.

Substrate Repair Materials

(cementitous based, 100% solids epoxy & epoxy modified cements, calcium aluminate modified cements)

Where concrete deterioration is severe, structural integrity may need to be restored prior to application of the Sauereisen SewerGard® 210 lining system.  Sauereisen’s full line of substrate repair underlayments and resurfacing compounds are the ideal materials for the job.

These cementitous or modified epoxy/cement blend of products are fast setting, high strength and formulated for rebuilding and resurfacing deteriorated concrete surfaces.   These products are available in a variety of formulations to accommodate a variety of installation methods including trowel, wet-spray, gunite or cast-in-place.

Filler Compounds

(epoxy based materials)

RestoKrete™ epoxy formulated compounds are specifically designed to fill voids, irregularities and air pockets in concrete.  These materials provide a smooth surface ready for application of the SewerGard® protecting lining in just three hours.  Also available in High Build and Fast Setting versions to adjust to project specific requirements.  All formulations are suitable for application over damp or dry concrete.  Application is performed with a rubber or rounded steel trowel.

Inflow and Infiltration

Of course, wastewater collection and treatment systems do not have to be depleted by sulfuric acid to require attention.  The cost of treating the inflow and infiltration (I&I) of ground water can be staggering.  Sauereisen offers several products to reduce I&I.

(preventing groundwater intrusion)

Specialty Primer

(water-borne epoxy primer)

Although the SewerGard® No. 210 System does not require a primer, there may be special instances when an adhesion promoting primer can become an integral part of the SewerGard® lining system. A primer can be used to seal porous substrates and promotes adhesion of the specified protective material.  It also will help reduce off-gassing from concrete and offer easy application properties to reduce total down time.   Consult with us to determine the best recommendation.