Preventing Inflow and Infiltration

SewerSeal No. F-170

SewerSeal No. F-170 is a high-strength, calcium aluminate-based product for use in sewer manholes and other wastewater structures.  This material will restore structural integrity, prevent infiltration and resists mild acids and alkalis on concrete and brick structures.  No. F-170 is designed for rotary and straight-shot spray applications, and can be applied at various thicknesses in a single pass.

SewerSeal No. F-170FS (Fast-Set) is a rapid setting variation of the original formulation that is ideal for quickly repairing damaged concrete, filling voids, and patching sewer manhole benches and inverts while minimizing or eliminating costly by-pass pumping.

InstaPlug No. F-180

InstaPlug No. F-180 is rapid-setting, hand-applied hydraulic water plug that will seal active water leaks and allow continuous rehabilitation work on concrete structures.  The material will set in 60-90 seconds and cure completely in one hour.  It is also used to fill  small voids and for anchoring applications.

H2OPruf No. F-190 is a high-strength, calcium aluminate-based product used as a negative side  waterproofing system specifically designed to withstand hydrostatic pressures that cause water seepage in below grade structures.  Two 1/16-inch coats will withstand up to 70 feet of water head pressure.  It can be applied by brush or spray.

Hydroactive Polyurethane Grout No. F-370

Hydroactive Polyurethane Grout No. F-370 is a catalyzed hydrophobic grout that reacts with moisture and expands 20 times its volume to seal leaks, cracks, joints and voids.  It bonds tenaciously to practically any substrate, wet or dry, it has excellent chemical resistance and is safe for potable water.  No. F-370 is packaged in easy-to-use, 20-ounce dual-packaging system for use in standard dual-cartridge guns.

Manhole ChimneySeal No. F-88 is an elastomeric lining composed of fiber-reinforce, asphalt-modified urethane.  The material can be applied by gloved hand onto the chimney sections of sewer manholes to prevent water inflow.  As a high solids elastomer, ChimneySeal maintains excellent elasticity and adhesion over a broad temperature range while resisting acids, alkalies and salts.