Specialized Corrosion-Resistant Coatings and Linings (100% Solids Epoxies)

SewerGard 210T Trowelable

Trowel-applied formulation is an aggregate-filled epoxy. Its non-sagging consistency makes it the material of choice for vertical and overhead surfaces where access is limited. Standard application thickness is 1/8 inch (125 mils), however, greater thicknesses can be achieved.

SewerGard 210S Spray-Applied

Spray-applied formulation is fiber-reinforced for a high degree of durability. No. 210S allows quick installation by a single 60-mil coat when applied by standard airless equipment. It is ideal for large-scale applications.

SewerGard 210X High Strength Spray-Applied

High-Strength formulation is a long-lasting, flexible epoxy lining that enables high-build capabilities wherever extreme corrosion conditions exist.  It is easily applied by plural-component or conventional airless spray equipment up to 60-mils per coat enabling high-build capabilities (80-125 mils).

SewerGard 210XHB High Build Spray-Applied

High-Build formulation is a long-lasting, flexible epoxy  lining that supports the build of over 125 mils in a single application. It is easily applied via plural-component spray equipment.

SewerGard 210GL Glaze

Glaze formulation is a two-component, chemical-resistant, 100% solids polymer for use as an optional (15-20-mil) topcoat.  This coating forms a smooth surface that is easy to maintain and cosmetically appealing. Easily applied by plural-component or conventional airless spray equipment, or hand-applied by roller, No. 210G may also be used as a stand-alone lining, up to 60-mils per coat over steel or concrete.

SewerGard 210FS Fast-Set

Fast-Set formulation is a fast-setting epoxy material engineered for use in wastewater environments.  It is particularly useful for the protection of manhole benches, inverts and other structures which are subject to very little maintenance downtime.

SewerGard 210RS Rotary-Spray

Rotary Spray formulation is a pumpable grade of SewerGard® specifically designed to line the interior of manholes from street level.  No. 210RS is applied at 125 mils using typical rotary application equipment.

SewerGard 210N Novolak Industrial

A high corrosion-resistant Novolak Industrial epoxy is also available.  Novolak Industrial No.210N may be used in many kinds of aggressive industrial wastewater environments. It is specifically formulated to resist strong oxidizing environments, especially high concentrations of sulfuric acid. This material provides a protective barrier resistant to thermal shock in cooler environments and is resistant to higher temperatures.