Technical Information

Sauereisen SewerGard® No. 210 System offers over three decades of successful in-field installation experience. Even with this tremendous amount of proven experience Sauereisen SewerGard® still considers laboratory results and independent testing to be important criteria when selecting or specifying the correct rehabilitation and corrosion-resistant lining system. Sauereisen has worked closely with engineering companies, municipalities and third party laboratories to reaffirm its quality and reliability. The SewerGard® 210 System consistently meets or exceeded the performance standards for chemical resistance, application formulation, and physical properties required by a variety of agencies, owners and municipalities.  Several of these published and authorized test reports are available.

Please email us or contact Joe Keating Technical Representative via email at or directly at 562-686-7520 OR David Snider, Western Regional Manager via email at or directly at 412-952-6624 for complete report details.

test reports

County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County; Evaluation of Protective Coatings for Concrete Evaluation Program (successful pass of SewerGard® 210)

“GREENBOOK” Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (SSPWC) (confirmation of qualification per Section 210-2.3.3 Chemical Resistance Test)

Orange County Sanitation District – Manhole Rehabilitation Rebid, Printed 11/14/2012 (approval of SewerGard® 210X as “or equal” for Manhole Rehabilitation Specification)

Chemical Resistance Chart (all chemicals) – SewerGard® 210 products

Laboratory Report – Compressive Strength after 3 month immersion in sulfuric acid

Protective Coatings for Wastewater Facilities Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency (successful qualification of SewerGard® 210)

University of Houston test (successful qualification of SewerGard® 210)

Additional Reports and Certifications

Additional technical reports and certifications:

Sauereisen – Made in America products

SewerGard System Product Compatability Letter

Sauereisen SewerGard Quality Assurance Guidelines

Sauereisen SewerGard Statement of Qualification

Laboratory Report – Recommendation for use in Municipal Wastewater Environment – SewerGard® 210

technical and safety data sheets

SewerGard 210T Trowelable TDS / SDS

SewerGard 210S Spray-Applied TDS SDS

SewerGard 210X High Strength Spray-Applied TDS SDS

SewerGard 210XHB High Build Spray-Applied TDS SDS

SewerGard 210GL Glaze TDS SDS

SewerGard 210FS Fast-Set TDS SDS

SewerGard 210RS Rotary-Spray TDS SDS

SewerGard 210TN Trowelable Novelak TDS SDS

SewerGard 210SN Sprayable Novelak TDS SDS

Sauereisen RestoKrete Substrate Resurfacer F-121 TDS SDS

Sauereisen RestoKrete Underlayment F-120 TDS SDS

Sauereisen RestoKrete Underlyament F-120FS Fast-Set  TDS SDS

Sauereisen RestoKrete Epoxy Filler Compound 209 and 209FS TDS SDS

Sauereisen RestoKrete Epoxy Filler Compound 209HB High-Build TDS SDS

Sauereisen RestoKrete Epoxy Mortar 208 TDS SDS